The Cruel Universe: Humanity's Bastion is a series of roleplays that branched off of The Last World War.

Idea Discussion

  • User909maybe Finnittania asked some of UCAPW's territory since their planet was inhabited by dangerous thingz
  • 6:10Finn168719Or maybe Finnittania plotted to create an artificial human species in their own planet
  • 6:11HiddenlichMaybe the two [nations] think they are all alone; that their specific nation was the only one that survived
  • 6:11Finn168719And Finnittania will have to defend the UCAPW to ensure that Human must survive
  • And assimilate into becoming Humanity's servants
  • 6:12HiddenlichOr: Finnitania doesn't know that the UCAPW sent a colonization ship outside of the solar system, and vice versa
  • 6:13User909maybe one of them sends a spaceship to know what happened to Earth
  • 6:14Finn168719If Finnittania knows about the UCAPW's colony, they will abandon their idealogy and then work with Humanity to let it survive
  • 6:15User909Maybe they start a project for keeping Humanity alive and send the said spaceship to Earth to see if the remaining nations survived?