These are the main set of rules for the Weegeepedia Roleplay Zone. All users are expected to follow these rules, including the moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats.

  1. No harassment
  2. No bullying or flaming other users
  3. No trolling
  4. Do not create overpowered characters/factions
  5. No spamming the thread boards, articles, or anything else on this wiki
  6. You must have proper grammar skills
  7. Please speak english on this wiki
  8. No impersonating other users or their characters
  9. Absolutely no sock puppetry.
  10. Do not advertise on this wiki
  11. Do not create irrelevant articles that do not relate to this wiki
  12. No racist or sexist phrases or slang allowed
  13. Do not add unnecessary notes to articles
  14. Do not add copyrighted images to the wiki without giving credit. These images will be deleted if it does not have the proper credit given.
  15. You must subcategorize when you create any kind of article on this wiki. Just like other rules, you can be banned for not following this.

  1. You should be 13 or older
  2. You may want to have prior experience with roleplaying

  1. A role-play cannot be changed in the main chat unless if all of the members of that role-play all vote on pausing it.
  2. No god modding or overpowering