Messing with Dimensional Holes for...a tournament?

A secret (yet kind of large) group of people have been jumping dimensions to gather people for a huge tournament. This tournament will take place at the edge of the trolliverse, since it can take the most power without being distorted or destroyed.

There's just a few problems. For one thing, the Elementix are VERY much against dimension hopping, especially for something so...ridiculous. In addition, many of the people brought here have their own plans to either steal the prizes, or try to destroy/take over this new multiverse (new to them at least).

This RP would essentially be (hopefully) a nice mixture. Powerful (or resourceful) foes that battle, serious plot (and some joking side plots), and of course lots of characters because dimensions. It's generic as all fanfiction, I know, but you don't build a house without the basic foundation.