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The Regisaurus of karro
• 4/3/2016


Everyone take a look at the rules. Rule 15 states that articles must be subcategorized. In order to prevent any further confusion, the rule has been rephrased.

Why is subcategorization important?

1. Subcategorization organizes articles into a subcategory that defines the particular meaning of the article.

2. It prevents articles from being placed into one large category. (The danger of one large category is that there won't be a way to tell the difference in between each article)

Effective April 3, 2016 at 3:45 PM UTC, all future violators of the subcategorization rule will be given three strikes before a ban.

If you are unsure if a roleplay is finished or not, use this template:

It is unknown whether this role-play is completed or not. If you participated in this roleplay, please provide a proper category for this article.

Code to get this template (No spaces) : Two {'s + UnknownRP + Two }'s

Do not just add roleplay to the article!

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The Regisaurus of karro
• 4/8/2016
Now I want to fight Derek autista
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