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• 3/21/2016

Roleplay Event: Scions of the Departed (Character Development Stage)

This is the first time the Weegeepedia Roleplay Zone has hosted a roleplay event. Please note that it is very experimental.

Hello roleplayers! I would like to announce that for the first time, we will be hosting a roleplay event! In this roleplay event, the setting and time of the roleplay is given beforehand, and the users participating in it will be required to create brand new characters. When you make your character, post it first on this forum post, and then make an article for it on this wiki.


1. Each character must be a descending relative of a character you already own or use to roleplay with

2. Your post must meet the following criteria:

  • There is a reasonable description of the character (2-5 sentences long)
  • A background must be given (5 sentence minimum; must tell how the character relates to it's ascendant character)
  • The post must mention the character's name, age, and gender
  • As always, any form of text you type must have proper grammar
  • The article must have a non-recolored image to show what the character looks like

3. You cannot overpower your character or godmod during the roleplay


Relatives of members of Team Ripcord are invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its last mission through a reunion ceremony. After listening to a few speeches, the generations are divided up. Before pictures can be taken, a mysterious group of robots known as the Syndicate attacks the building, and abducts all of the chaperoning adults. Our main characters are left behind, and are faced with disaster and a demanding survival challenge. The weather has been manipulated to create deadly storms and somehow alter the attitudes of the local carnivorous population of animals. The adventure begins here.

Questions? Clarifications? Post a message on my wall.

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• 3/21/2016
Name: Winston Silverstone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Winston is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has anisocoria in his eyes, a basic bionic left arm, and a slightly deformed right hand.

Ethnicity: Carribean American

Background: Winston Silverstone is the great grandson of the Hiddenlich, a member of Team Ripcord. Winston learned about the adventures of Team Ripcord through his 69 year old grandfather Jakyll Blackwell, and grew up inspired to become an explorer just like his great grandfather was. In high school he took many geography and astronomy classes in preparation for the possible careers requiring explorers to navigate and map the area of interest. When it comes to earning money, Winston usually works for his brother Clement Julio on his space freighter The Blue Stallion during random times of the year. He is a junior assistant navigator to the helmsman of the ship, mostly helping out with plotting coordinates and such.